HMRC defends plans for direct recovery of tax credits overpayments

Campaign group complains of “state-credited debt that many families can never pay off”, but HMRC says legislation prevents claimants being put into hardship.

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CIOT welcomes passing of Revenue Scotland and Tax Powers Bill

The Scottish Parliament has passed a Bill establishing a new tax authority and introducing a “wide-ranging” general anti-avoidance rule.

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Finance Act 2014: Follower notices, accelerated payments and promoters of tax avoidance schemes

This fourth and final article in the AccountingWEB series summarising the key measures in Finance Act 2014 focuses on Part 4 (follower notices and accelerated payments) and Part 5 (promoters of tax avoidance schemes). Links are provided to HMRC guidance.

Previous articles summarised the key measures relating to income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax, and tax reliefs, partnerships and VAT.

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Consultation update: Expenses, CGT and tax evasion (AccountingWEB)

The government has invited views on the capital gains tax concession D33, loan relationships, travel and subsistence expenses, strengthening the tax avoidance disclosure rules, exchange of information, pensions, a minimum excise tax and new measures to tackle offshore tax evasion.

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Government suppliers self-certify tax compliance (AccountingWEB)

Early indications are that businesses wishing to bid for government contracts are “very mindful” of the need to be tax compliant, according to a review of the government’s new tax and procurement policy.

Government departments have the discretion to exclude from the procurement process a business that cannot certify a “clean” record.

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